Samsung might be adding a portrait mode to its Galaxy S8 flagship. According to a response a customer received from a Samsung support agent (via GSM Arena), “the next [software update]” could bring with it a software-based portrait mode for use at least on the standard S8. If you recall, the Galaxy Note 8 was the first Samsung device to pack portrait mode, so the feature wouldn’t be foreign to the company’s devices.

Considering how Samsung’s software stands now, I don’t have high hopes for portrait mode on the Galaxy S8.


However, the Note 8 has additional hardware; on the back of the device sits dual cameras for natural portrait mode photos. Therefore, Samsung will have to create some type of software process to bring the feature to the single-camera setup on the S8. This effort wouldn’t be new by any means since Google’s doing it with the Pixel 2, but Google does have dual pixel technology in the new Pixels to help. And considering how well Samsung’s software compares to Google’s at this time, I’m not sure if you should have high hopes for this feature working well.

But rather jumping to conclusions too early, none of this is confirmed and we don’t even know if the Galaxy S8 Plus will get the same mode. But at least for now, it looks like portrait mode may hit more devices soon.