Google today added YouTube TV to its list of services controllable via your voice with the Google Home. The company notes users can now ask the Google Assistant to play live broadcast feeds from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC on their television alongside things like sports games or their favorite show. Sample commands are listed below.

  • Play “This Is Us”
  • Play the MLB game
  • Play MSNBC
  • Play the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • Play last week’s “NCIS”
  • Record “Empire”
  • Play, pause, stop, rewind 15 seconds, turn captions on, or fast forward two minutes

You’ll, of course, need a YouTube TV subscription which will cost you a minimum of $35/month. It’s currently available in limited regions across the country, but by now, your area is probably on the list.

For new YouTube TV subscribers, Google is offering a free Chromecast after the free trial of the service ends and you pay the first month’s $35 fee. You’re essentially getting a BOGO here as they share the same price.

In the future, Google will add more services to its list of connected ones for the Google Home.