Apple Ramps Production of iPhone X to 400,000 Units Per Week


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Apple has ramped up production of its $1,000 iPhone X. According to Nikkei (via 9to5Mac), the company has begun producing 400,000 units of the device per week opposed to the previously reported figure of 10,000 units per day back in September. However, this still means the company will be limited in supply on launch day with there being just enough time, at its current rate, to produce around 1.7 million more. Usually, the company sells around 8 to 13 million phones during an iPhone’s debut weekend, so at least for now, it looks like it’ll be pretty behind.

But this is an interesting argument to make. Because the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have already debuted on the market and swamped up some people’s money, there’s bound to be less people actually holding off until next month to grab an iPhone X. They’re probably all satisfied with their purchase. And then you have to consider that this is the most expensive iPhone to date. We have no idea how large a $1,000 iPhone market is, so Apple might have an easier time with their limited stock of iPhone Xs than we expect.

In the same breath, I’ve met quite a few people anxiously waiting for the X to come out. One of my colleagues even said he’ll be returning his iPhone 8 Plus when the X drops. So while there’s definitely at least a handful of people who are buying the iPhone X because it’ll probably be the best iPhone ever, I can’t say they’re ecstatic about the $999 price tag.

Then again, there’s also the die-heart iPhone fans who will do anything to have the best of the best. Spending $1,000 will be the only thing between them and the latest and greatest from the Cupertino company, so there’s that crowd.

But in the end, the situation surrounding iPhone X availability at launch remains a mystery. Only one can guess whether things will get resolved by November 8 when the device goes up for sale, but at least for now, the company will be facing the same issues they were reported to be facing a few weeks ago.


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  1. […] understandably, the X will likely be in limited availability at launch. According to Apple, despite producing limited quantities of the device, Apple retail stores will have supply of the iPhone X on launch day starting at 8:00 […]

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