Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis is IPX8 Waterproof and Can Play Audiobooks


Amazon today introduced a refreshed version of last year’s Kindle Oasis with new features that justify the device’s name. Specifically, this is the first Kindle in the product’s ten years of existence to be waterproof. Amazon rates the new Oasis at IPX8 to withstand up to two meters of water for up to a full hour. Now, the e-reader can be used in such places as hot tubs, pools, beaches, and more where there’s a body of water (or, dare I say it, an Oasis).


Aesthetically speaking, Amazon has tweaked the design of the Oasis a bit. Instead of a 6-inch display, the company opted for a 7-inch 300ppi e-ink screen this time around with ambient light sensors to automatically adjust its brightness depending on your surroundings. The screen is also apparently brighter thanks to some added LEDs. The same sloped design language from last year was brought over to this new edition with the thicker portion of the body making it easy to read with one hand and the thinner side providing a little eye candy with a thickness of just 3.4mm. Both physical and software-based controls let users flip between pages, while the USB port for charging supports Amazon’s fast charging for a full charge in under two hours.

More new features for this generation lie on the inside of the Kindle Oasis. There’s now 8GB of baseline storage, and that’s because Amazon says you can play Audible audiobooks on it. Mind you, the device still doesn’t have speakers, but you can, instead, connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones to the device to hear someone read you a book. Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity are both supported, and the device comes powered by its sealed-in battery rather a battery case that ships with the e-reader like last year.

Amazon says for 8GB of storage, the new Kindle Oasis will run customers $249.99. For those who crave more storage, you can bump things up to 32GB of $279.99. For $349.99, you’ll get 32GB of space and free 4G LTE connectivity. All models are available for pre-order starting today, with orders shipping October 31. A new lineup of water-safe cases is also being introduced with a variety of finishes available starting at $44.99.

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