Google to Begin Updating Android Wear 2.0 Through the Play Store


Google will soon begin updating its Android Wear 2.0 operating system through the Play Store. The company’s Hoi Lam announced on Google+ that new features can, in fact, be delivered to Android Wear 2.0 watches simply by updating the Android Wear app for Android. It wasn’t known previously this was a feature, but now that it’s here, it might help Android Wear evolve into something more widely adopted by consumers and keep it up to par with competitors such as Apple’s watchOS or Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Ironically, Google has already pushed out an update to the Android Wear app that added new features to Android Wear 2.0. The update shipped last week and included the following:

  • 3rd party chat app support in Contacts
  • Reduce accidental entry into the watch face picker
  • Improve Play Store discoverability for new users
  • Other features and bug fixes

Lam says more of these updates should begin shipping “in the coming months.” Meanwhile, more OTA updates will also ship alongside these Play Store upgrades. Specifically, the upgrade to Android Wear based on Oreo will require a system update. But at least feature updates won’t require you plugging in your watch and waiting two hours every few weeks or so.

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