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Daily Archives: October 10, 2017

Porsche Now Lets You Swap Cars for $2,000/Month

Porsche today is introducing a new subscription service called Porsche Passport which enables anyone to pay a set fee each month to drive a selection of sports vehicles and SUVs at a moment’s notice. Users can select their car through a free iOS or Android


Twitter Will Soon Let You Bookmark Tweets

Twitter has announced its working on a new feature that will let users ave tweets for later viewing. The company’s private messaging department announced the feature is currently in early testing and will be developed with the help of the public as they test new

Microsoft Updates Skype with Cortana Integration

Microsoft has announced its starting to roll out Cortana integration in Skype. The company originally announced the feature last year during their whole bots era when it thought building AI-powered robots into everything was the future. While this idea never really took, at least we’re