9to5Mac and MacRumors have both released new reports citing KGI Securities who claims next year, Apple may implement its Face ID security system in new iPad Pro models. This is all dependant on whether the new security measure becomes a hit as a part of the upcoming iPhone X which doesn’t go on sale until next year.

Apple should master their craft before bringing Face ID to the iPad.


While no new information is given on how Apple will implement the technology, one thing is clear: the company will have to get good at manufacturing it first. Supply constraints are set to be in place when the iPhone X goes on sale since components of Face ID are proving to be a difficult feat to produce. If Apple wants to bring the technology over to another product category, they should master their craft starting with the iPhone and slowly make its way down its product line. Of course, there’s no telling how long it’ll take before Apple can produce more Face ID modules at a consistent rate, but regardless, I wouldn’t expect these new iPads until this time comes.

Notably, KGI says they expect Face ID to only hit the more expensive models such as the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch Pros. The lower-cost 9.7-inch iPad will likely stick with Touch ID for the foreseeable future.

However, the upcoming Pros could as well. There’s no word on how Apple will implement Face ID into the new iPads, with some saying it’ll be integrated into the top bezel where the front-facing camera sits or Apple’s tablet lineup will adopt a similar design to the iPhone X by getting rid of bezels and receiving a notch. Either way you look at it, Apple could really do anything with Face ID for the iPad. They could even keep Touch ID around to provide two methods of authentication, similar to some Windows 10 laptops and tablets.

Still, things remain unclear at this point surrounding the next generation of iPads. We’ll learn more about them down the line as 2018 approaches so stay tuned.