The Essential Phone’s Camera Hopes to Get Better with New Software Update

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Now rolling out to all users, Essential has pushed out a new software update for the Essential Phone that aims to improve what many would call the mediocre camera setup on the back of the device. “Over the last couple of weeks, our camera team has been listening to your feedback and has worked hard to improve latency, reliability and performance of the camera on Essential Phone,” wrote Michael Kolb of Essential in a blog post today.

In the update, paired with an updated version of the Essential Phone’s camera app, Essential says they’ve been able to reduce shutter lag in both regular and low light scenarios to under one second which, quite literally, is a pretty major update in itself. The company was also able to add spatial sound when shooting 360 video with the 360 camera attachment by using the phone’s four ambisonic microphones. You can now also use the volume buttons as shutter buttons while using the 360 camera, and there’s now a countdown timer for the attachment as well.

As for the overall quality of images taken, Essential doesn’t note any major improvements other than the fact they’ve been able to improve pictures taken with the dual cameras since all the processing is software based. There’s also “bug fixes and overall reliability improvements” made to the camera system on the device which should help in creating a better overall experience while using the Essential Phone.

Whether any of these updates being released today matter or not will depend on user feedback. We have yet to get our hands on an Essential Phone, but if you were one to buy a unit, it’ll certainly be worth installing these updates and testing out the cameras afterword. Essential says system build NMI81C is rolling out now to all users while the update for the camera app itself can be downloaded here.


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