Microsoft Edge is Coming to iOS and Android

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Microsoft is bringing its Edge web browser to mobile devices. In a new blog post today, the company announced new apps for iOS and Android that are currently in beta and can be tested first by Windows Insiders. According to Microsoft, “one of the most common requests we hear from people who use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs is ‘we want our browser experience to move to our phones.'”

“You spoke, we listened,” they followed.


In Edge for iOS and Android, you’re essentially getting the same experience you do on desktop. You have your Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page, and Reading View synced across your devices using your Microsoft account, and to tie everything together, you can send web pages to your desktop for viewing on a larger screen. It’s similar to the feature Microsoft recently introduced on Android to make using your phone and PC feel more connected. At the end of the day, though, it’s just Edge on your phone.


Also being introduced today is an updated, rebranded version of Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android. Now called Microsoft Launcher, the home screen replacement is now based on the company’s Fluent Design and can display your recent photos, documents, apps, contacts, calendar, widgets, and more in a panel off to the left of your home screen. The entire launcher is pretty customizable as well, with gesture control and appearance altering all on board.

The launcher also ships with Microsoft’s Continue on PC to open tasks from your phone on your PC for viewing on a larger screen. When paired with the Edge browser, Microsoft aims to create a more connected environment between your phone and your PC to make using your devices not only easier but more productive at the same time. If you’re interested in beta testing either apps, follow the links below.

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