Spotify Will Soon Fully Integrate with the Google Assistant

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Spotify has announced that its music service will soon fully integrate with the Google Assistant. Previously, users could control music playback with the Google Home, but now, Spotify will soon be controllable via any device with the Assistant on board, including all Android devices.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the convenience of controlling Spotify through Google Assistant is coming to millions of Android users globally. Both Free and Premium users are now able to use their voice to control Spotify across Google Assistant-supported devices.

Some commands users can issue to the Assistant to control Spotify include:

  • “Ok Google, play Spotify”
  • “Ok Google, play Discover Weekly”
  • “Ok Google, play Today’s Top Hits on my Chromecast”

You’ll need to link your Spotify account to the Assistant and set the service as the default music player to work. Afterword, you should be good to go. This integration isn’t live just yet, but Spotify says it should roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

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