Google Updates Assistant with New Male Voice

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Ahead of their event later today, Google is updating its Assistant with a new voice (via Android Police). Rather being forced to hear a female answer your many questions, you can now opt-in to have a man tell you whether it’s gonna rain today. The new voice, labeled “Voice II,” will work across Android, Google Home, iOS, and other Assistant-powered devices.


To enable the new voice, head to your Google Assistant settings either in the Home or Google app on your phone and select Preferences > Assistant Voice. From there, either choose Voice I or Voice II and the same setting will be synced across your devices. A comparison between the female and male Assistant voices can be found below.

We expect to hear more regarding the Assistant and other software efforts at today’s Google event which kicks off at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT. Stay tuned to Matridox as we’ll be covering everything announced.


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