Google Clips Uses Machine Learning to Capture Your Life


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Google has unveiled Clips, a small camera that will retail for $249 when it goes on sale in the future. That probably sounds like a lot of money for such a small object, and it is, but when you learn what it can do, it might prove to be worth it.


Essentially, you can put Clips wherever you want – the living room, a park bench, in the kitchen, you name it. By using machine learning to identify faces and scenes, when the camera detects a moment you may wanna remember (say your kid walks for the first time), it starts recording and takes a three-second Motion Picture while also capturing a high-resolution image for your pleasure. Basically, Clips wants to be that guy who takes a picture of everything around your house and never misses a moment.

Today we’re introducing Google Clips, a lightweight, hands-free camera that helps you capture more genuine and spontaneous moments of the people—and pets!—who matter to you. You can set the camera down on the coffee table when the kids are goofing around or clip it to a chair to get a shot of your cat playing with its favorite toy. There’s also a shutter button—both on the camera and in the corresponding app—so you can capture other moments or subjects, whatever you please.

We’ve put machine learning capabilities directly into Clips so when you turn it on, the camera looks for good moments to capture. Clips looks for stable, clear shots of people you know. You can help the camera learn who is important to you so when grandma comes in town, you’ll capture the grand entrance.

A special Clips app will sync all the pictures the device takes and lets you easily delete them or store them in your Google Photos library, free of charge. The company notes they’ve taken users’ privacy into account with Clips and have taken the following measures to ensure your personal life essentially stays your personal life.

  • It looks like a camera, and lights up when it’s on so everyone knows what Clips does and when it’s capturing.
  • It works best when used at home with family and close friends. As you capture with Clips, the camera learns to recognize the faces of people that matter to you and helps you capture more moments of them.
  • Finally, all the machine learning happens on the device itself. And just like any point-and-shoot, nothing leaves your device until you decide to save it and share it.

Clips can be configured with either 8 or 16GB of space to store your pictures that will be later synced to your phone. Google notes things work especially well with a Pixel phone, but it also works well with a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8 or an iPhone 6 or higher. The company also notes this edition of Clips is specifically designed for families and pet owners in mind to capture everyday moments. We expect to have even more information on this gadget in the future so stay tuned.



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