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Google’s Android Wear is Getting an Upgrade to Oreo

Google has announced a new version of Android Wear currently in beta which will bring devices up to version 8.0 Oreo. This comes at a time where Wear based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat is still rolling out to all compatible smartwatches.


As for changes, Google is only saying it’s updating Android Wear’s API to version 26, adding notification channels, and improving background processes with new techniques to make battery life better. Despite a lack of new user-facing features, at least these two features with the combination of API 26 will make your overall experience better. In our early testing, the LG Watch Sport is actually faster than it used to be and its batter life lasts longer. And now that you can control which notifications get sent to your wrist, the entire experience of using Android Wear has improved only for the better, even though you won’t notice it immediately.

For now, the beta is only available for the LG Watch Sport, but there’s a possibility it could roll out to more devices like the Watch Style in the near future. To enroll in the Android Wear beta, click here.


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