Howdy readers, Max here. When we launched Matridox back in July and gave our site a total refresh, people were super excited and were so supportive of the major changes we made. However, due to technical issues with the WordPress theme we’ve selected as our base, not everyone could view the images we uploaded to the site. Some reported not being able to see any pictures, while others said our homepage was only filled with text and no photos. We’ve received too many bug reports regarding this issue that it isn’t proper for us to ignore it.

Therefore, we’ve switched our base theme and will begin to tackle exactly what was going wrong. If we get to the bottom of things in a timely manner, we’ll switch back to our original design.

On behalf of all of Matridox, I’d like to apologize for the issues you, our loyal readers, have been experiencing. We take some great photos – we don’t want you guys to miss out!


  • Max Buondonno, Executive Editor and Founder of Matridox