Microsoft’s Windows Store Will Soon Sell You Hardware

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Last week, it was discovered that Microsoft would soon rebrand its Windows Store to Microsoft Store. No other changes were noted and the same movies, TV shows, music, apps, books, and games were being sold at the time. However, according to the folks over at MSPoweruser who are viewing the upcoming Microsoft Store on an Xbox, it looks like the store will soon sell you hardware.

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In the above screenshots, you can see the rebranded Windows Store will soon become a portal where you can purchase hardware such as PCs, wearables like Fitbits, and even phones and Xbox consoles. MSPoweruser was even able to buy some products through the store which is particularly interesting since the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 has yet to even become official.


With this change becoming exposed now, it seems like we don’t have much more time to wait until we hear from Microsoft regarding it. The Fall Creators Update, shipping on October 17th, will likely bring the change to all.


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