Nvidia’s Shield TV is Now Available Without a Game Controller for $179


Nvidia has announced a new variant of its Shield TV which doesn’t ship with a gaming controller. Normally, for $199, you’d get the Shield TV itself, a remote control, and a gaming controller. Now, for those who don’t play many games, there’s a variant for you which costs $20 less at $179.

As many will point out, this is the same price as the new Apple TV 4K, due for release tomorrow. This is likely due to Nvidia expressing interest in luring customers over to their own products since both boxes sport 4K HDR output to compatible screens. Whether customers will find what Nvidia more compelling than what Apple’s upselling remains a mystery, but for those who may want a bit more out of their streaming box, this could be a decent alternative.

Nvidia says the Shield TV with no gaming controller will start shipping October 18th. It’s available for pre-order now.

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