Bose today unveiled the new SoundSport Free earbuds built for active users who like to use their headphones while working out. They cost $249.95 and are pretty lightweight at just .35 ounces per earpiece. They’re rated IPX4 to provide sweat and water resistance and some dirt/dust protection and can work up to 30 feet away from your device. Bose touts they use a new antennae system which works to provide “a strong and reliable connection between each other, and the phone or tablet they’re paired to.”


The SoundSport Free earbuds also include a miniature acoustic package which includes Bose digital signal processing, and volume optimized EQ. The battery life of the headphones lasts about 5 hours on a full charge, while the case they ship in includes magnets to recharge them up to twice more. A button on the earbuds lets you activate your phone’s voice assistant such as Siri. The Bose Connect App also lets users locate their earbuds if they happen to lose them which, I’m sure, will prove to be rather useful.

Why do I say so? Just look at them. These earbuds are fully wireless, meaning there’s no wire connecting the two buds together. This is why the obvious comparison between them and Apple’s AirPods surfaces since Apple’s wireless headphones were some of the first to feature no wires whatsoever. You could think of Bose’s alternative as a tougher, less-likely-to-fall-out-of-your-ear option that cost nearly $100 more. I’m sure they sound better, too.


Still, the fully-wireless headphone market is starting to expand, and it looks like Bose wants in on the fun. The SoundSport Free headphones are available in Triple Black and Midnight Blue with Yellow Citron. The former is available for pre-order today with deliveries going out in early October, while the latter will be available later this year. You’ll be able to find these earbuds through Bose retail stores,, and authorized Bose dealers.