Wanna Take Your Google Home Everywhere? There’s a Battery Pack for That

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A company called Ninety7 has announced a new battery pack built to accommodate the Google Home smart speaker. Called the Loft, it lets users attach it to the bottom of the Home and provide power to the device, therefore enabling portability of the speaker. Whether you wanna lug this thing around in your bag is your decision to make, but it could prove useful if you’d like to bring the Home outside or upstairs without worrying about constantly plugging into an outlet. Ninety7 says the battery should last about eight hours on a full charge.


Additionally, the company is also announcing a new battery pack for the Amazon Echo Dot called the Dox which does the same thing as the Loft but lasts about ten hours. The Loft costs $49.95 and is on sale for $10 off as an introductory price, while the Dox is originally $39.95 but is also on sale for $10 off.


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