Amazon Updates Fire HD 10 Tablet with 1080p Display and Hands-Free Alexa


Amazon today announced a refreshed version of its popular Fire HD 10 tablet. The biggest difference buyers will notice is its sharper display which is now 1080p resolution. Finally, Amazon’s most-costly tablet can live directly up to its name and offer a Full HD screen for watching movies, navigating the web, reading books, and interacting with apps.

Not only has the screen been upgraded, but so have the internals. Now, there’s 2GB of RAM paired with what Amazon says is an “ultra-fast” quad-core processor alongside a standard 32GB of storage. You can also opt for 64GB of storage for an added fee or pick up a 256GB microSD card and slide it in. The battery has also seen a bump from 8 to 10 hours on a single charge.

And thank God, because you’ll need it with one of the Fire HD 10’s new features: hands-free Alexa. Much like an Echo, Amazon’s high-end tablet can now respond to “Alexa” inquiries without the need to hold down the home button. Turning on lights, controlling smart home devices, and asking questions are all here. You can also interact with all available Skills. Of course, since Alexa will always be listening, your battery may drain a bit faster, but with the added power in this new version, your experience shouldn’t suffer too much from having this functionality turned on all the time.

The software on Amazon’s Fire tablets is also receiving a new update today. Coming in the form of an upgrade for Fire OS, a new For You page on your home screen learns what you like and recommends reading material, music, apps, games, etc. It also lets you quickly access recent activities like a book or movie.  Additionally, your local weather and family photos from Prime Photos are also viewable on this panel which is accessible via a swipe right on your main home screen.


Even though there’s been various upgrades made to the Fire HD 10, Amazon somehow was able to significantly discount the cost of the tablet. Now, those interested in picking one up will need to spend $149.99 rather $229.99 like before. Of course, you’ll need to spend an extra $15 to get rid of the “special offers” Amazon places all over the experience, but at least you’ll have the spare change to do so. You may also wanna pick up one of the company’s new $39.99 protective covers for the tablet which are available in Black, Marine Blue, Punch Red, and Cobalt Purple. The tablet itself ships in your choice of Black, Marine Blue or Punch Red. It’s available for pre-order now, with shipments going out starting October 11.

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