Apple’s iTunes 12.7 Removes the App Store

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Apple is finally trimming down what they pack in iTunes. Starting with version 12.7, the company will no longer include App Store integration. This means users won’t be able to sync their iOS devices to their PC or Mac and download or install apps. Rather, Apple now prompts you to use the iOS App Store instead for managing which apps get installed on your device. This is one step that will hopefully result in a less-cluttery experience and should help the software¬†become a bit more efficient.

For those wondering, iTunes has gotten a bad rep for packing practically everything except the kitchen sink. There’s the music store, the app store, the podcasts section, the iBooks store, movies and TV show stores – you name it, it’s probably there. This has created a rather bloated and unfriendly experience for users on both macOS and Windows. By removing App Store integration, the software should be a bit easier to manage and not create quite a dumpster fire like before. Of course, it’s gonna take more than removing the App Store to make iTunes more appealing to users, but this is at least a start.

iTunes 12.7 also brings new Apple Music features and moves iTunes U subscriptions to the Podcasts section. The software is now also optimized for syncing devices running iOS 11. It’s rolling out now to both Windows and Mac users.


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  1. […] Recently, Apple updated iTunes for the Mac and PC which rid the application of integration with the App Store. This was a move to make the app lighter and less of a bother to use. While version 12.7 of the software has been well received by many, some users still may prefer using their desktop to install apps on their iPhone or iPad. Luckily, there’s a version of iTunes these users can download to get the functionality back: version 12.6.3. […]

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