Comcast and Google Launch YouTube for Xfinity X1

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Comcast’s Xfinity X1 set-top-box is gaining a new video streaming service today: YouTube. Back in February, the companies announced a partnership to bring the largest video sharing platform to X1, and now that motion has finally resulted in something. A list of features you can use to interact with YouTube can be found below.

  • Launch the YouTube app by simply saying “YouTube” into the X1 voice remote.
  • Browse featured YouTube content alongside other On Demand movies and shows.
  • Search for movie trailers or TV show clips by saying, “Show me Adam Levine clips from ‘The Voice’ on YouTube,” or “YouTube, find ‘The LEGO Movie’ trailer.”
  • Access hundreds of thousands of music videos by saying, “Show me Ariana Grande videos on YouTube,” or “Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ on YouTube.”
  • Watch the world’s best gamers face off by saying, “YouTube, Launch League of Legends Championship Series.”
  • Search the latest videos from your favorite personalities by saying, “Show me Ellen Degeneres on YouTube,” or “YouTube, Logan Paul videos.”
  • Or search millions of user-generated videos like dinner recipes and workout routines by saying, “YouTube, show me chicken recipes,” or “Find yoga videos on YouTube.”

Of course, anything you wish to stream on YouTube will be available through this app on X1. Some videos that may be trending or are similar to what X1 already offers will show up in the On Demand section of the platform, but basically, everything else will show up in the YouTube interface.

The app should be available to all customers with Xfinity X1.


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