Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Gets Detailed in Leaked iOS 11 GM Seed

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We’ve already told you how Apple’s leaked iOS 11 Gold Master seed detailed both the iPhone 8 and upcoming refresh of the AirPods, and now we’re hearing via 9to5Mac new details surrounding the upcoming Apple Watch Series 3. This iteration of Apple’s smartwatch will feature LTE connectivity, and specific details surrounding how this feature will work have been published.


For starters, the watch will carry the same number as your iPhone does so when someone calls, they can simply dial one number and you can pick up on either device. You’ll also receive texts and calls while away from your phone thanks to cellular data being on board.

The code also hints that carriers could offer free trials or special introductory offers for those with an LTE-enabled Apple Watch and an iPhone on a data plan. Specifics surrounding these offers are unknown at this time, and so are prices for how much users can expect to pay for cellular on their watch. Of course, we expect to hear more on Tuesday so stay tuned.

Also leaked in the iOS 11 GM seed is this image of a new Apple Watch, but it doesn’t specifically say this is the cellular model. It has a red Digital Crown and status dots on its watch face, so we’re just gonna assume this must be it. We’ll get a look at it officially next week.



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