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Apple’s iOS 11 GM Leaks, Reveals a Ton About Upcoming iPhone Edition

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s Gold Master seed of iOS 11 has been leaked to the internet and many have begun installing the software. We aren’t able to since Apple has stopped signing the update for devices, but 9to5Mac was able to install it in time and start digging around. As would make sense, they discovered a ton of details regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8/X/Edition, the near bezel-less OLED model that will ship without a Touch ID sensor, home button, or headphone jack and will instead have Face ID, new software tricks, and a notch to house the front-facing earpiece and camera sensors. We have a whole list below, so start scrolling.

For starters, the new iPhone will come with something called Portrait Lighting. This will, in theory, allow users to opt for different lighting conditions in Portrait shots based on depth information given by the special camera array on the back of the handset. Some of these lighting options include Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light. It’s unclear exactly how this feature will work, but we’ll, of course, know more next week.

Additionally, 9to5Mac notes users should be able to shoot video in up to 4K at 60 frames per second, a feature not very common on smartphones.

Face ID has also been detailed in the leaked software. According to the GM, this name will be the official name for Apple’s facial recognition software that will replace the fingerprint sensor. This GIF demonstrates how users will be prompted to set the feature up on their device.


During setup, users will be asked to create a passcode before scanning their face. Afterward, the iPhone will prompt users to move their heads “in a circle, while looking at the screen.” Various other prompts will alert users to move their heads in other positions to get a clear representation of what your face looks like. After scanning your face twice, the process should be complete. If for any reason the device isn’t able to scan your face, you’ll be able to complete the process later.

The leaked software also notes users should “Hold your iPhone 10 to 20 inches from your face” and to “Tilt your head downwards/left/right/upwards.” All of these prompts will likely be present while setting up Face ID, so expect a similar experience if you pick up an OLED iPhone and start scanning your face.

Thanks to this method of face scanning being on board the new iPhone, Apple will allow something called ‘Animojis‘ to work. Rather sending a standard, 2D emoji to your friend, you’ll soon be able to send an animated 3D emoji which records and mirrors your facial expression. And yes, the poop emoji is included.

Another feature of the new iPhone is the power button, now called the side button. With this button, users will be able to perform actions like double-clicking to access Apple Pay cards or long-pressing to access Siri. The button’s exact implementation isn’t yet known as there should still be a way to lock and power off your iPhone with a button. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

Speaking of buttons, a physical home button won’t be shipping with this new generation iPhone and will instead opt for a small gray strip along the bottom of the device to invoke different actions like accessing recent apps or going home. Leaked screenshots show the utility in the Calculator and The Weather Channel apps.

Finally, the new status bar being divided by the notch in the middle has also been detailed a bit more. Now, we know that content like large headers will be shrunken down to avoid being blocked out by the notch, while the time, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery, cellular, and location indicators will be divided to the left and right of the notch. Plugging the new iPhone in will cause an animation to fire off indicating you’re plugged in, and recording your screen or navigating away from an ongoing call will surround your clock with either a red or green bubble.

Overall, we barely have to watch Apple’s September 12th event at this point considering all the knowledge we now have about the new iPhone. Of course, we need to fill the gaps of some elements like that power button situation, so stay tuned to Matridox as we’ll deliver all of Apple’s announcements here.


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