Instagram is Trying to Aid Facebook Stories with a New Feature

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Let’s face it: Facebook Stories is used by no one. Well, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg. But that’s against the point, since the service is being out-used by Instagram Stories which is now seeing over 250 million active users each day while FB Stories sees… no one. But it looks like this soon could change as users are reporting a new feature popping up for them which allows for Instagram Stories to be duplicated and shared to Facebook Stories as well.

Similar to how sharing an Instagram post on various other social media networks, your future IG Stores could make their way to FB Stories by opting to share them on Facebook as well. This new feature was first reported by Mashable who quoted this tweet.

Mashable reached out to Instagram to potentially receive confirmation on this new feature, but they got this response back from a spokesperson.

“We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you. We have no other plans to share at this time.”

Therefore, we can only guess the feature will eventually arrive for all users. Hopefully, it does because if Facebook wants me to use their Snapchat clone alongside Instagram’s, this is the only way to do it.


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