Apple is Having a Hard Time Pricing 4K Movies for iTunes

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is having a hard time with movie studios in pricing 4K films for iTunes. In the report, WSJ notes Apple wants to charge customers $19.99 for a UHD movie, but studios are currently asking for prices closer to $25 or $30. “I wouldn’t tell Apple how to price their iPads,” one unnamed studio executive reportedly said.

This gives Apple more struggle in getting UHD movies in front of the faces of more people. The company is rumored to introduce a 4K HDR-enabled Apple TV set-top-box next month during its iPhone event, but in order to enjoy what the box is capable of, Apple will need to have its own solution. This is where buying UHD movies from iTunes comes into play. But since studios are asking for more rather deciding to charge lower fees to convince more people to spend the money, it looks like they just wanna charge the premium that’s been present for 4K films up to this time.

Whether this will result in more people enjoying 4K content on the Apple TV is questionable. People can barely afford to buy movies nowadays anyway. And with services like Netflix who offer Ucontentnet at subscription-based rates, it’ll be hard to tell whether consumers find any value in owning their movies opposed to just streaming them. Of course, with September creeping up on us all, we expect to hear more surrounding this subject in the near future.


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