Hulu has opened its Live TV streaming service to another platform: web browsers. Now, those on PCs and Macs can use Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox to watch their favorite shows as they air live via Hulu. This comes after various other streaming platforms such as DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue have announced the same feature, therefore indicating Hulu has been slouching a bit in this regard.

And it shows. As per a blog post, Hulu says the web player present today for watching live TV is nowhere near the final version. It’s essentially an early preview version which anyone can use, but probably shouldn’t. For now, only the primary user of a Hulu account can use the player since secondary profiles have yet to be added to the support list. If you have a family account, this may sound pretty awful. But hey, at least you watch more than one show at once so you could, in theory, let everyone watch their own programming anyway.

Hulu has a guide on their website on how to get started streaming live TV on your PC or Mac which you can view here. They’re also asking for the public’s feedback on the feature here.


Posted by Max Buondonno

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