Report: Apple to Introduce 4K Apple TV with Live TV in App

According to Bloomberg, Apple is set to debut a 4K-enabled Apple TV with HDR output. The publication quotes people familiar with the matter when stating this. It comes nearly a month after the leaked HomePod firmware confirmed the same thing.

Bloomberg notes the 4K Apple TV will require a display to output to that supports the resolution, so you’ll need a 4K monitor or television to use this device. The set-top-box will also be able to output HDR which provides a clearer, brighter picture with supported content. Basically, this report is just confirming everything we already knew about the upcoming Apple TV.

The company is also reportedly taking strides to get live TV on the Apple TV. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company wants apps to integrate with its TV app to display live contnet. Some examples that come to mind could be the nightly NBC news or the weekly football game on ESPN. This is all being done out of Apple’s “renewed focus on the living room” after hiring Timothy Twerdhal, Amazon’s former chief for its Fire TV, back in January and Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, former Sony Pictures Television presidents, to head its video programming efforts. Overall, Apple’s aiming to grow its market share in the TV space since as of now, the company’s set-top-box only hosts 16%. They hope to change that with these introductions later this year.

In addition, the new Apple TV will have a faster processor which will be capable of outputting 4K video. It remains uncertain exactly when Apple will debut this new streaming box, but rumors are currently pointing to the September 12th iPhone event.

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