Here’s Where to Preorder the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note 8 yesterday to a crowd at a New York City event. So far, the device has been praised by early testers, and now the 6.3-inch phone is available for pre-order. All four major US carriers are holding early orders of the device, while some select retailers are as well.

Starting with the carriers, AT&T lists the device for $950. It’s available on the carrier’s Next plan for $31.67/month for 30 months. Sprint and Verizon have the Note 8 for $10 more at $960, with the latter offering a $20/month for 18 months deal for new subscribers and the latter hosting a $40/month for 24 months offer. T-Mobile has the phone for the cheapest price amongst carriers at $930 which is payable in the form of a $210 down payment and $30/month for 24 months.

As for other retailers, Target and Best Buy each have the device up for pre-order, with the latter charging carrier-specific prices depending on which model you buy. It’s unclear how much the Note 8 will cost from the former, at least for the time being.

Finally, Samsung themselves is also selling the Galaxy Note 8 fully unlocked for $929. You can pay this over 24 months for $38.75/month. There’s also some perks up for grabs if you’re down with free stuff.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will go fully on sale September 15th. It may be worth it to just pre-order the device if you have your heart set on it since Samsung could run out of stock before you get a chance to grab one. Then again, the Note 7 exploded, so not many people may want to place their trust in another Note phone anyway.