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Daily Archives: August 24, 2017

Report: Apple to Introduce 4K Apple TV with Live TV in App

According to Bloomberg, Apple is set to debut a 4K-enabled Apple TV with HDR output. The publication quotes people familiar with the matter when stating this. It comes nearly a month after the leaked HomePod firmware confirmed the same thing. Bloomberg notes the 4K Apple


Report: Apple to Sell iPhone 8 For $999

According to a new report out of The New York Times, Apple will sell its upcoming iPhone¬†8 for a staggering $999. The device, which is set to feature no bezels, no Home button, no Touch ID, and no headphone jack (again), will be the company’s

Here’s Where to Preorder the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note 8 yesterday to a crowd at a New York City event. So far, the device has been praised by early testers, and now the 6.3-inch phone is available for pre-order. All four major US carriers are holding early orders of