During Samsung’s event today in New York to unveil the Galaxy Note 8, the company said Spotify integration with its voice assistant, Bixby, would arrive later this year. Considering how many times Bixby itself was delayed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see consumers waiting a pretty long time before this feature went live. Regardless, at least we know it’s coming.

This comes as Bixby Voice expands to over 200 new markets. Samsung is shipping the technology with the Note 8 which also features a dedicated button for interacting with the assistant. And while Spotify will make for a nice addition, this and many of Bixby’s other features are already present with the Google Assistant. Considering the latter ships on Samsung’s phones as well, it’ll be hard to tell whether users begin using Samsung’s proprietary solution to a voice assistant over Google’s just for music’s sake. Overall, however, at least Bixby is growing and isn’t still stuck in a stage where it can’t even tell you who the President of the United States is.