Here’s the Perks to Getting a Galaxy Note 8 Early


Samsung always likes to treat its early customers to some extra goodies, and with the Galaxy Note 8, they don’t disappoint. For those who purchase the Note 8 from August 24 (tomorrow) to September 24, you’ll have to option of getting a free Samsung Gear 360 camera or a free Galaxy Foundation Kit which includes a 128GB microSD card and a Fast Wireless Charging Convertible. The former is worth $230 while the latter is worth $190, so either make your decision on the best value or what will fit your lifestyle more (personally, I’d go for the latter).

Samsung is doing right in this case. The Note 8 costs anywhere upwards of $900 which is seriously expensive for a smartphone. It only makes sense if you give your customers free stuff for that price. Hey, at least, either way, you’re getting free AKG headphones with any purchase.

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