Verizon is Throttling Some Subscribers’ Video to 480p Tomorrow

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Verizon has announced they’re dividing their unlimited plan originally announced back in February to three separate plans. They’re called Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Business Unlimited respectively, and they all share one factor in common: they’re gonna throttle your video streaming quality, one way or another.

With the $75/month Go Unlimited option, your phone will be able to stream 480p/DVD quality video. That’s really terrible since most phones nowadays have at least HD displays. Also on this plan, your tablet and laptop will be able to stream up to 720p video which is still low. Additionally, Verizon will literally throttle your data speeds at any given time depending on how congested the network is. This means you don’t have something like a 20GB high-speed limit before your connection is deprioritized. Now, Verizon just doesn’t care and will near kick you off your connection if other customers need the speed.

For an extra $10 a month with the Beyond Unlimited, you’ll be able to watch 720p video on your phone and 1080p video on your tablet and laptop. The same goes for the Business Unlimited plan. You’ll also have a 22GB cap on high-speed data before your connection could get deprioritized which, really, is a major step up from the Go Unlimited plan.

Now look, I don’t want you to get confused here. It may sound like Verizon is only throttling video playback for those on their new unlimited plans, but that’s not true. In fact, all Verizon customers with older unlimited plans will also see the reduction to 720p video quality which, truly, is awful. It means you’ll no longer be able to watch 4K videos or simply enjoy all the pixels on your QHD smartphone to their fullest. All in all, this is a pretty poor move on Verizon, even though the carrier says there won’t be any “significant difference in quality.”

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This change will take place starting tomorrow, August 23.


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