Microsoft Responds to Recent Pirated Movies Outbreak on the Windows Store

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Yesterday, the Windows Store was a topic of discussion as the list of pirated movie and TV show apps in the store had begun trending. We reached out to Microsoft for comment on the news, and they sent us the below statement.

We take reports that there is intellectual property infringement or inappropriate content in our Store seriously and we will review this recent report to its fullest.  In an effort to offer our customers quality content they can feel confident in, we continually work with our developers to ensure that they are in compliance with our Application Developer Agreement and our Store Policies.

If intellectual property owners find an app in our Store they feel violates their Intellectual property, they can submit a complaint via Microsoft’s Trademark and Copyright Protection Page. Additionally, we always encourage customers to report any issues they may encounter with the Windows Store.  For most issues, customers can use the “Report Concern to Microsoft” link in the Windows Store. ”– Microsoft Spokesperson

Basically what they’re saying here is Microsoft is always working with the developer community to make sure their apps are in line with the company’s guidelines. While they’re reviewing this report “to its fullest,” MS urges property owners to submit complaints if they find an app in the Windows Store violates their intellectual property. So at the end of the day, they’re simply investigating the issue, period.

Microsoft will be reviewing this report “to its fullest.”

Microsoft’s report doesn’t say much in terms of the action they’re implementing here. They said they’ll be reviewing this report “to its fullest,” but they don’t say exactly what they’re doing during that process (e.g. talking with developers). Therefore, it remains unkown when we can expect this issue to be resolved, but at least to me, it ought to be taken care of soon.

At the time of writing this article, there’s still tons and tons of “free movie” applications available in the Windows Store. It’s unclear if Microsoft plans to remove these apps in the near future, but we’ll let you know if there are developments in this regard.


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