AT&T Announced a Tablet to Showcase Their Bloatware On


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AT&T has introduced the Primetime, a Android Nougat-powered tablet that essentially is meant to showcase the carrier’s various chunks of bloatware. They’re targeting the device as a way to stream basically everything DirecTV by piling on every app you can imagine from the TV provider. The device is simply loaded with just junk that would be the equivalent of the apps you would never use on an AT&T Android phone.

Besides the bloated software, the Primetime has a 10-inch 1080p HD screen, dual Bluetooth streams so two sets of headphones can be connected at the same time (it’s unclear if this is Bluetooth 5.0), dual front-facing speakers tuned by Dolby Audio, and a 9070mAh battery to power the show. There’s also a Snapdragon 625 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage with an SD card slot for expansion.

Overall, for the $10/month or $30 with two-year contract customers will be paying, the Primetime probably isn’t the tablet you should choose. The software will no doubt be unbearably slow thanks to all the bloatware on top, and the specs are nothing to write home about. Apple just released an iPad for $329 that can literally do everything this tablet can and offers better speed, a better screen, and better storage options. Unless AT&T throws this tablet in your bag for free when leaving their store after you sign up for their service, I don’t really see this thing as worth using. But then again, is any free tablet from carriers?


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