NASA is Live Streaming the Total Eclipse – Watch it Here


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Today’s the day the first total solar eclipse visible from a significant portion of the United States since 1918 will take place. We haven’t seen anything significant in terms of eclipses in recent memory other than the 1991 and 1979 eclipses that were visible from a few points in the U.S., Hawaii, and some parts of Mexico. But other than this, we haven’t seen anything quite as significant as today’s events for nearly 100 years. Therefore, this comes as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence for many.

Many are suggesting using the eclipse glasses that are going around and being handed out at viewing events, but some may not be able to see the sky at all or could want to follow along with the eclipse’s entire path across the country. Entirely expectedly, NASA has you covered in this regard.

Starting early today, NASA will be live streaming the total eclipse as it makes its way across the country starting in Oregon and ending in South Carolina. The administration will be reporting from various viewing events being held by the organization itself or others and will continuously provide camera glances at what the sun and moon are doing. Things should wrap up at around 4 PM ET.

If you wanna check out this rare event for yourself, click play below. Enjoy!


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