Google Will Announce Android O on August 21

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Google has published a teaser page with a countdown to the announcement of the next major release for Android, currently known as Android O. The company will unveil the new version on Monday, August 21. They’re coinciding this release with the total solar eclipse that will pass over the United States on the same day and time.

Of course, the big mystery behind Android O is what its name will be. Many are favoring the Oreo brand as the title of Android 8.0, but it could be anything. There’s Oatmeal Cookie, Orange, Orange Soda, etc. But at this point, I really think it’s gonna be Oreo. Not only would it make perfect sense and fall in line with the latest rumors, but Google is holding the unveiling event in New York City. Why does this matter? Because the Oreo was invented in Manhatten. There’s even a street called Oreo Way near the Nabisco headquarters. I’m just saying, this cannot be a coincidence.

Stay tuned as we’ll be watching the live stream of Google’s announcement on Monday and will deliver the latest.


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