Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is Suffering from Battery Issues, Too


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Samsung has announced they’re recalling roughly 10,200 batteries found in refurbished Galaxy Note 4 smartphones. No, they’re not exploding, but users are reporting some are getting so hot that they’re causing personal injury. This news comes months after the whole Note 7 debacle wrapped up.

Considering the battery in the Note 4 is replaceable, this recall isn’t all that serious since with the Note 7, there was no replacing just the battery because it was sealed in. And when you consider only AT&T models of the handset that were handled by FedEx Supply Chain are affected, the issue simply doesn’t come off very traitorous or dangerous. Of course, if your phone falls into this specific range of smartphones being redistributed, you may wanna return it or at least swap out its battery. But hey, at least the cells aren’t exploding.

Coincidentally, the batteries in question weren’t even from Samsung. A third-party built them for refurbished AT&T Note 4 units, so I wouldn’t immediately blame Sammy in this case. Regardless, if you wanna get your phone fixed, the CPSC recommends calling 800-338-0163 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or by visiting


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