Newton Mail for Windows Now Available


Back in May, Newton announced the availability of a beta version of their email client for Windows. Since then, the app has been in development and today, the developers behind the service formally launched the client for Microsoft’s OS via the Windows Store. It’s available for download now for free.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Newton Mail is a mail client with a suite of premium features – read receipts, email scheduling, snooze, support for Exchange, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook, Office 365 and Google Apps, you name it. It costs $50/year, but at least in my experience, it’s worth it. You can sync all of your accounts to the app and log in with a single email address and password on all your devices to automatically view your entire inbox. To sum it up, the app is simply convenient to have. And now that it’s formally available on Windows 10, it should be worth checking out.

It’s worth noting you’ll need to be running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to use the app, but who isn’t at this point?

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