Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile is Now Available Nationwide

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Comcast today made their Xfinity Mobile cell phone service available in all markets where the company reaches. This comes after a soft launch that consisted of a few select cities gaining access to the service first. Now, anyone who has Xfinity or can subscribe to the service can also take advantage of Xfinity Mobile.

For someone with Comcast’s X1 TV service, you’ll be paying $45/month per line for up to 5 lines with unlimited data, talk, and text with Xfinity Mobile. For those without X1, you’ll have to pay $65/month. Either way, you need to be subscribed to Comcast’s cable service in some shape or form.

There’s also a “By the Gig” plan which will cost you $12 per gigabyte of data you use. This is more for those people who tend not to binge watch Netflix on the go or are constantly scrolling through Facebook. Luckily, you can choose this plan for a separate line on your plan so some lines can have unlimited data while others pay per gigabyte used. You can also switch between the two tiers freely, so one month you can have unlimited and the next month you pay by the gig. Comcast’s goal with this approach is to be more flexible when compared to other carriers’ offerings and it may come in handy, especially if, say, you’re going on a trip and you’ll need data without limits or overage charges.

In addition, none of Comcast’s other services are zero-rated over Xfinity Mobile such as Stream TV. They also aren’t offering voice-over-Wi-Fi.

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At launch, Comcast is supporting the previous two iPhone generations (iPhone 7, 6s) and the iPhone SE, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7, and LG’s X Power mid-ranger. This is obviously not many smartphones whatsoever, so let’s hope this expands quickly to possibly HTC or Google handsets.

You can sign up for Xfinity Mobile on the service’s website.


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