Andy Rubins Says the Essential Phone Will Get Android Updates for Three Years

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Inside Andy Rubin’s blog post surrounding the launch of the Essential Phone, the Android father confirms the device will receive three years of OS upgrades. Two of these years will focus on major Android updates like Android O, P, and hopefully Q, while the remaining year will be solely taken up of security patches. This move comes as Rubin aims the Essential Phone at being a safe investment consumers can spend their money on without worrying about upgrading their device to something newer.

Technology moves so quickly that companies rush to release a new phone each year, but most times even that isn’t fast enough. This deluge of devices isn’t good for your wallet or for the planet. Essential Phone will get guaranteed Android OS updates for 2 years and will get monthly security updates for 3 years, so your phone will always be secure and have the latest features.

Rubin also notes they’re aiming the Essential Phone at being an all-arounder. In other words, they don’t wanna lock you into an ecosystem like other OEMs do (he seem to hint at Samsung and Apple in his post).

Every year, like clockwork, manufacturers make “design tweaks” and launch new features and products that work well if you choose to stay in their ecosystem. You buy their phone, TV, speaker, and fridge with the promise of simplicity, but more and more often, this is a way to force loyalty. At Essential, it’s our goal to be the bridge between all these different ecosystems so you can pick and choose the products and services that work best for you, no matter who makes them.

We’re just getting started but we will always advocate for solutions that work well across all your devices. For instance, why limit who you can talk to by sticking to Facetime while there are so many alternatives out there — from WhatsApp to WeChat — that work across a wide range of mobile and desktop devices.

Furthermore, everything down to the design of the phone and the specs, Rubin and his team at Essential are trying really hard to make sure their first handset is as future-proof as possible.

Our phones are with us all the time, and they are susceptible to wear and tear as they get shoved into pockets, tossed in bags, dropped on desks, and exposed to the elements. You deserve a phone that can resist the trials of everyday use. That’s why we made Essential Phone out of titanium and ceramic. These materials are harder, stronger, and more resistant to dents and scratches than the materials that make up most smartphones. And while costs for such finely crafted materials are usually reserved for high-priced, out-of-reach goods, we’ve tried to make our phone as affordable as possible.

At Essential, we believe that phones are at their best when they serve you, not a company. Our phone comes standard with 128GB of storage, because it’s a small cost for us to absorb and unlike most players in the market, we’re not out to charge customers for incremental upgrades. We’ve made a 360º camera because we want to unleash the creativity of our customers. And we’ve built in future-proof technology because we want Essential Phone to evolve with our customers’ needs. This is the phone we always wanted, but we didn’t just make it for ourselves. We designed it around you.

At this point, it remains unclear exactly how much Essential will push you to upgrade to their second-generation phone when it arrives. I doubt they’ll try to convince users of their first device to upgrade next year to the latest and greatest as aggressively as companies like Samsung or Apple would, but they could still advertise their next phone’s upgrades and improved capabilities to current Essential Phone users. Honestly, though, considering what this current device offers, I don’t really see many people upgrading in the next two years to something different. You know, unless they really hate the phone or they absolutely need a better processor or camera.


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