We subscribe for a lot of things nowadays. It’s how we listen to music, how we watch live TV, and even how we use apps on our phones. You can also subscribe to watch any movie on your TV or phone for a monthly fee. But to some, going to a local theater is a better experience when compared to just watching a new film when it comes out on Netflix or something. That’s where MoviePass comes in, and it probably just got its most awesome upgrade to date.

When MoviePass launched in 2011, it promised to allow users who paid anywhere from $15 to $50 per month to use a special card to get into any movie at a local theater without having to purchase tickets. This works at any US theater that accepts debit cards. It sounded perfect and the money people paid was likely well spent to them, but as it turns out, they preferred not having to pay the high fees. That’s why starting today, MoviePass can be had for just $9.99/month.

Let that sink in. You can go to any movie theater and get into any movie of your choice simply by paying $9.99 per month and using a special card. That’s pretty insane when you think about it since a single ticket can cost upwards of $10. And the best part is you can go to a movie every single day. That means you can see 365 movies every year (366 during leap years, obviously). That’s pretty nuts.

Of course, this does come with some caveats. For one, the subscription is only good for a single person. You can’t take your date to a free movie or anything or take the kids out for the day. Rather, whoever comes with you will need to be subscribed as well. MoviePass notes they hope to open their service up to couples or families so it can be easier get into movies, but for now, that’s the way it is.

You also can’t see 3D or IMAX films with MoviePass, but that’s probably forgivable considering the incredible value you get out of this anyway.

You’ll need to download the MoviePass app either to your iPhone or Android device, but that’s free. After you do so and receive your card 5-7 business days in the mail after you subscribe, you’ll be able to visit any local theater and see what’s playing. You can even go opening night, if that’s your thing.

You can learn more in MoviePass’ official blog post.