Google is rolling out a software update to the Home that enables the ability to place phone calls in the US or Canada with the device. The calls are placed over Wi-Fi and won’t eat up your phone plan. You can simply say, “Hey Google, call Mom” and the Home will dial your mother. Of course, anyone in your contacts can be phoned as well. You can also ask Google to call a local business like a flower shop or bakery.

However, getting into the technical side of things, this is where some may not like this function. When calling someone, your number won’t display on the recipient’s device. Rather, it’ll say something like “Unknown” or “No Caller ID.” Google says this will change by the end of the year, but you’ll probably be annoyed anyway. But if you use your Google Voice or Project Fi number, the person you’re calling will see your number and/or name pop up. For whatever reason, Google decided to include the feature for Voice and Fi users to kick things off. I’m not sure why, but at least we know everyone will get it before year’s end.

Free phone calls should be going live for everyone today in the US and Canada. If not, just wait a day or two and it should pop up. You can learn more in Google’s blog post.