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Google Can Now Give You Daily Pollen Counts

Google is releasing a new feature onto its search platform that lets allergy sufferers know whether to step outdoors or not. Starting today, you can look up “pollen forecast” on Google and receive a full-fledged chart of the daily pollen count alongside what to expect during the coming days. The company says they worked with The Weather Channel to integrate their pollen index for users.

Not only can you search for pollen counts, but you can also tell Google to notify you if the levels get too high. The company says this new feature will especially help those who tend to search for allergies during the April, May, and September months when the search engine sees major spikes in this regard. I, for one, will thoroughly enjoy this integration as I can say confidently I hate pollen and will do anything I can to get out of its way.

The feature should be available to all Googlers.


Max Buondonno is a technology enthusiast who has been working as a journalist in this industry for more than two years. He has grown up in the age where everyone has a smartphone which has influenced his decision to become a professional technology writer, his passion in life. He's dipped his toes in the development of websites, while you can ask him anything about Apple, Google, or Microsoft and he's bound to give you an answer. He's reachable on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email.

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