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Daily Archives: August 16, 2017

Google Can Now Give You Daily Pollen Counts

Google is releasing a new feature onto its search platform that lets allergy sufferers know whether to step outdoors or not. Starting today, you can look up “pollen forecast” on Google and receive a full-fledged chart of the daily pollen count alongside what to expect


Essential Will Unveil its Phone’s Release Date Tomorrow

Essential today confirmed on Twitter they will be unveiling its first phone’s release date tomorrow, August 17th. The company was originally expected to do so today after the news broke we’d see release information “in a week.” While it’s been exactly a week since then,

The Essential Phone Will Ship in the Next Seven Days

Multiple customers are stating their reserved Essential Phone will ship in the next week. The news comes as the Andy Rubin-founded company has begun emailing those who have reserved a unit of the device the good news. 9to5Google received the following message, asking whether they’d