The New Matridox Swag is Here

We just re-launched our website last month (exactly a month ago, actually) and went through a total rebranding. Since we’re Matridox now, it only makes sense to share the news the way that matters: with t-shirts. Starting today, you can pick up a shirt with our Parahex logo slapped right on the front, with social information and a website link on the back.

Sizes are available from Small all the way up to 4XT (whatever that means) which is absolutely huge. For reference, the type of shirt is a Hanes Tagless so you won’t have to worry about any annoying tags tickling your neck. And to accommodate your shirt purchase, you can even grab a sticker or mug with the same design. This whole package can get you that #MatridoxLife you’ve wanted for 31 days now.

The swag is even affordable. Our shirts start at just $19, while the mug is $12 and the sticker is just $4. Talk about serious impulse buys, amirite?

And for a limited time*, use promo code “PARAHEX” (minus the quotes) and get $5 off a shirt, making your purchase just $14. Not gonna get much better than that!

To check out the new Matridox Store, click here. We’ll be adding more styles every three weeks, so all of our gear is limited edition. Right now, we’re sticking with a clean white finish for our products, but more colors are on their way really soon. Stay tuned!

*Promotional code valid through August 15, 2017 to August 22, 2017


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