HTC-Built Google Pixel 2 Hits the FCC with ‘Active Edge’ and Android 8.0.1

HTC is largely expected to build this year’s Google Pixel 2, and we’re now basically getting confirmation that this is true. A new HTC FCC filing has popped up and was spotted by the eagle eyes over at 9to5Google. In the filing, we get our first glimpse at the new Settings app on the Pixel 2 and confirmation on two important elements of the handset.


For starters, the Settings app is adopting a gray and white UI simlar to what happened with the first Android O beta, although this time it’ll receive some blue accents which the Pixel lineup is famous for. Found within System > Languages, input & gestures is the highly-rumored Edge Sense-esque feature that lets users squeeze the sides of their phone and perform actions. Called ‘Active Edge,’ on the upcoming Pixel 2, it looks like the feature will automatically activate the Google Assistant. Ideally, the level of pressure necessary to do so will be adjustable.

We can also see in the screenshots above that the device is running Android 8.0.1. Currently, Android O is on 8.0.0, so this must be some type of internal build of Android Google is using to test their upcoming devices. Finally, we can also see the phone will likely come with 64GB of storage given how much is being used and how much is left, while its security patch sits at August 2017 which wasn’t released too long ago to present Pixel and Nexus devices.

Overall, while we don’t get much new information regarding the Pixel 2, we can basically confirm it’ll be built by HTC and have pressure-sensitive sides. Of course, since it’s already in front of the FCC, we must have not much longer to wait before it debuts. And that’s really safe to assume, as last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL debuted in October which, if you have a calendar, you know is two months from now.

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