Facebook has updated its camera UI specifically built for the Stories clone they brought over from Instagram who ripped off Snapchat. According to the company, users can now create GIFs right from within the camera by tapping a new tab that will let you record two-second animated photos that can be shared to your Story, newsfeed, or timeline. You can also create text updates with colorful backgrounds that can go to the same places, while the camera UI can also start a Facebook Live at your command. This means users are no longer required to start a whole new post just to go live, which is possibly the only thing I’d ever use the camera in Facebook for.

This is all sunshine and lollipops, but keep in mind Facebook isn’t seeing the desired number of users of the camera in their flagship app. Rather, there are more people using Instagram Stories than anything, and that isn’t good if Facebook actually wants to create a proper Snapchat clone in their home service. This is likely the reason we’re hearing this news today, to get at least a few more people on board with the whole camera thing in the Facebook app. I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook saw a spike in users in regards to this feature thanks to these new features as they make using the app a bit more convenient, but in the same breath, I don’t think it’s gonna convince more people to use Stories. You know, unless they post stuff to their Story by mistake.

The new camera tricks are rolling out now to everyone on Android and iOS.