Daily Archives: August 15, 2017

Facebook Introduces Fresh Design for Mobile Apps

Facebook has given its mobile apps for iOS and Android another face lift, this time with a more modern design. Mind you, it’s the same flat UI we reported back in July, but it’s always nice to hear confirmation. For starters, it’s now easier to


The New Matridox Swag is Here

We just re-launched our website last month (exactly a month ago, actually) and went through a total rebranding. Since we’re Matridox now, it only makes sense to share the news the way that matters: with t-shirts. Starting today, you can pick up a shirt with

Amazon’s Instant Pickup Can Fulfill Orders in Two Minutes

Amazon today is introducing Instant Pickup, a faster way to obtain products one orders from the company’s website. The way it works is when a user places an order from Amazon, they can choose one of currently five available fully-staffed pickup locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berkeley, Calif., Columbus,

Google Allo for Web is Now Live

After teasing the utility for a number of months, Google has officially launched the web client for Allo. With the latest version of the messaging app available for Android, you can set it up by grabbing your Android phone, tapping Allo, then going to Menu