LG Teases V30’s Software, Including the Floating Bar and UX 6.0

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LG is back at it again with the leaks. To tease their upcoming V30 smartphone set to debut at the end of this month, the company has released new images of the device’s software that will arrive out of the box. The updated OS, skinned with the company’s UX 6.0, looks to deliver a cleaner user interface compared to year’s past and, at least to some, resemble Samsung’s Experience UI that ships on the Galaxy S8.

As you can see above, LG will be adding a floating bar in place for the absent secondary display made famous on the V20 and V10. It’ll be accessible by tapping the arrow on either side of your screen and will bring up shortcuts to things such as apps. Obviously, having that arrow on the side of your screen may become intrusive, so let’s hope it’s easy to hide if users don’t want it there.

The whole software shortcut thing is also a bit annoying. We’ve seen this type of function from third-party apps for years and some manufacturers tend to build the feature into their devices. Now, LG is in that same boat, and I’m not sure if it’s the way to go. The second screen gave users a separate place for their shortcuts and quick toggles to live without taking up the phone’s main display. It also allowed the toggles to always be active and show persistently without sipping much power. With the software toggles, you lose these perks. Of course, you do get a larger screen with an OLED panel in exchange for the removal of the secondary ticker, but I don’t really know if this is a tradeoff fans of the V series are willing to make. Overall, it’ll be interesting to see whether this implementation will be any better than year’s past when two screens on your smartphone was a thing and things were, admittedly, simpler.


Moving on, LG will also be enhancing the V30’s always-on display which will allow for users to place a music widget, personal photo, or Quick Tools on the screen while it’s not totally on. There will also be new camera functionality called Graphy that will allow users to apply a different “style” or “mood” to their photographs while in manual mode. It’s unclear exactly how this will work, but we’ll obviously know soon.

Additionally, new security features including facial and voice recognition powered by Qualcomm’s Aqstic voice technology will ship with the device. The haptic feedback has also been improved in LG’s new UX which is detailed in a separate article we wrote earlier today. All in all, the V30 looks to deliver a pretty sweet experience for users of the device. Let’s just hope things are as good as they seem right now.

The LG V30 will come with a 6-inch FullVision QHD+ OLED display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, an f/1.6 rear camera, likely Android Nougat, an upgraded DAC, and better content-creating tools. It’ll be made of glass and drop the secondary screen found on the V20 and V10.


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