Facebook has updated its chatting app Messenger to include better Spotify integration. Its virtual assistant, known as M, can now suggest songs and artists to stream if you begin talking about music with your friends in a chat thread. For instance, mention Luis Fonsi and M will probably want to play Despacito or a radio station based on the hit Latino singer. Simply saying “play some music” in a chat will also bring up a suggestion that reads, “Find Music.”


Of course, talking about music is pretty common. And if the other person doesn’t have Spotify, having to load the web player on their end could be a pain in the neck just to share a song. Thankfully, you can turn off these suggestions by tapping your profile picture, visiting M Settings, and disabling the function. But there’s obviously appropriate audiences this feature will cater to such as Spotify junkies who probably add new tunes to each other’s playlists, but I’m not sure that’s everyone. Only time will tell to determine whether this function is worth it, and since it’s rolling out now to all users of Facebook Messenger, we probably don’t have that long of a wait.

VIA: VentureBeat